The Collective Story

No one lives in a bubble. Over the course of our lives we build thoughts, reactions, and patterns of behavior around social, family, and community constructs. We start to take everything into our bodies and it changes our perception of the world and ourselves.

Maybe it was a critical parent or spouse or terrible physical trauma. There is often not one specific moment but a lifetime of not living in our true nature. This all adds up, until we can no longer decipher what is are own authentic feelings and thoughts and what belongs to someone else.

So many of us are carrying these old traumas in ourselves creating even more distrust between our own logical brain and intuitive nature. It resides in us until our bodies are a battleground instead of a temple. Its time for the collective souls on this earth to find, trust, and fall in love with the perfect divinity that resides within us all. Love yourself, love your life!


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