All Rise Authentic Wild (RAW) Circles (virtual or live) are a place of safe non judgment. Everyone here is honored in how they feel. You are allowed to have whatever experience you have. To ensure this environment remains supporting and loving we ask all are participants to support each other with non judgement. You are may speak freely of your experiences but we ask you do not mock, make fun of, or insult anyone else’s experience. To ensure authentic expression and help support the healing that comes from speaking of our truth in our experiences.

We also have a strict “what happens in the circle stays in the circle” policy. People open up and discuss very personal and private matters. If you come into contact with someone from the circle, outside the circle we ask that you don’t acknowledge them unless you know them from some other source. Deep connections and friendships are built within these safe spaces. Many of you may have been friends prior to participating in a circle. This is amazing and wonderful but be sure both parties are clear on the sanctity of what gets expressed in this deeply spiritual and healing place. Please do not approach someone outside of the circle to offer support about something said in the circle. It’s more than appropriate for someone to reach out via our closed Facebook group or among yourselves if they wish to discuss a personal situation more deeply. Let the person involved determine when and how much support they would like.

Finally this is YOUR circle. I am just here as a participant and facilitator. If there are topics or issues that the group wants to delve into we can setup additional times and schedules.