What do I do?

Show up on time and be ready to be supported and of support.

What do I wear?

Come as you like. You can come in sweat pants and a t-shirt or adorned in jewelry and makeup. On special occasion circles like Equinox and Solstice I tend to feel more ethereal and Earth and often adorn myself in what feels good to my inner Goddess.

What should I bring?

We recommend you have a candle and a journal and pen. You are not required to write anything down but it is often helpful as we work our way through different activities.

What is the circle of trust policy?

Circle of Trust Policy

What is the cost of attending a circle?

Currently monthly New Moon and Quarterly Celebration Circles are free of charge. It is expected in the near future that there will be a $5 love donation to help support the cost of administration of the circles.

Do I have to participate in discussion?

No, you are encouraged to when you feel called to do so. Open discussion makes for a more supportive and healing circle. As we get into discussion please be as clear and concise as possible while remaining in your truth. Each circles attendance and activities will determine how long each participant that wishes to speak can speak in order to ensure everyone gets the chance to express themselves.

What religion are these circles?

Circles are not of any specific religion. We have participants from all religions and some that have no religion. Circles are about universal connection and self-understanding. This is about finding your place in the cycles of life and experiencing your own personal internal divinity as you understand it. You may hear me use the term Goddess, Priestess, Mother Earth, Father Sky, God, Source, Energy, or many other terms to describe how I understand the connections of the universe and all living things. These terms hold meaning to me and may not for you. That is perfectly okay.

What Is a virtual circle?

Circles are free and monthly as well as some special occasions. They are done on a collaborative and community site called ZOOM. When you register you will get a link to the virtual circle. When you click it you will be added to the a live circle. You will see other members and be able to have live discussion. You can opt to not be seen, but letting us all see your lovely face does help build community. I will facilitate and lead the circle through its different parts based on the theme that month. You can participate from anywhere and from any computer, laptop, phone, ipad, or other mobile device.

Registration is free its just to ensure we know how many are coming.

To register click on either the “events page” or at the bottom of the services page on “Join a Circle” Click the date you wish to attend and at the bottom of the description is a booking form. Fill in the form and click “send”

I will forward you an invite with all the information you need to join the circle you registered for. EASY PEASY.

Even easier..just contact me and I will help you register or do it for you!