Why Would An Angel Choose To Fall?


That’s what you humans call us,


You say it so often we’ve started calling ourselves that.

Fallen.  I have fallen.

You people have some serious misconceptions about angels....

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Magical Creature, Trust Your Intuition & Use your Senses

.....As more and more people come into connection with the universe and all its energy, our options for community and kinship expands. Our perception of the world and its ways start to take on a different reality. And we end up with a foot on both sides of the proverbial veil

— experiencing the esoteric energy side, but still needing to go to work, buy milk, and pay taxes.

Navigating these two sides and weaving them together is where real change happens..... 

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Triple Goddess Power: Authenticity, Unconditional Love & No Longer Giving A Shit What Others Think

What’s the difference between a stereotype and an archetype?

Mostly it’s the understanding that something is big, juicy and multifaceted...

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To The Woman Who Doesn’t Howl

...But what about the words of my other sisters? In our community of wild women ,we are all writing and rising in a language that is so full of emotion and anger and love that it’s as heady as the oils and sage we use. What about the women we are not reaching because we are so busy speaking our soul’s language that we have forgotten to speak the human one?...

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Recommended Reading

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  • The Spiral Dance - Starhawk
  • Living a Life of Awareness - Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.
  • Loving What Is - Byron Katie
  • Rise Sister Rise - Rebecca Campbell
  • Healing the Shame that Binds You - John Bradshaw
  • The Magdalen Manuscript - Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion